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  1. Phase I roll-out, schedule for 2012-2014, will focus on 3 competencies while negotiating deployment with established clientele. Areas of focus include:
    • Training and Education -  MWEI will emphasize educating clients on the benefits of renewable energy. We will assist commercial and industrial and residential clients to become more energy efficient by performing energy audits, offering programs to benchmark and track energy consumption and develop programs to decrease energy dependency utilizing renewable energy combined with energy conservation. The more energy clients are able to conserve, the more efficient renewable systems become. Additional outreach programs will consist of MWEI technical resources providing educational and informative modules at speaking events and conferences. Contractor Training specifically targeted to emerging markets, such as the Caribbean, will also be utilized with various organizations and trade associations.
    • Solar Development Installation – MWEI, will target design and installation of large photovoltaic (PV) systems at established commercial operations, Industrial manufacturing sites, and  public landfills operations. As needed, MWEI will integrate residential and commercial solar hot water heating systems when they are used in concert with Solar PV deployments at industrial operations, hospitals, hotel resorts and hospitality related sectors currently using hydrocarbon based fuels for heating and energy generation.
    • Renewable Energy Development/Consulting - MWEI, will emphasize consulting with clients who are interested in investing in renewable energy systems for long term energy cost savings. For example, MWEI management team has been working with the Barbados farming community to assist several of them to develop technical specifications and cost modeling for solar deployments in Barbados and the Caribbean. Additionally, the management staff   is also assisting farmers operations in determine best use application for remote water pumping and environmental remediation needs were energy supplies are not readily available and/or to reduce peak energy load demands. These operations have diverse assets and global needs in South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Additional consulting interest by International Governments and engineering design firms, who can facilitate ongoing utility scale procurements of large scale renewable energy systems in the coming months the market is ready to be explored.
  2. Phase II roll-out, scheduled for 2014-2016, will consist of ongoing channel and customer development activities, supplier development as well as ongoing strategic assessment within key emerging markets. Anticipated activities include:
    • Hard asset Distribution in the Caribbean & Central America (Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, Jamaica, etc.)
    • Private Label relationships for solar kits for sale on the Internet specifically earmarked for Caribbean markets.

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